Monday, March 23, 2009

Curt Schilling retires

After 23 years , 3 world series titles and a bloodstained sock that became part of Boston Red Sox history Curt Schilling has finally retired.. As a redsox fan this man will always have a special place in my heart, yes he can be a jerk, and cocky but game 6 in yankee stadium against the hated yankees and who knows if it was blood or ketchup, either way the man was hurt and prevailed with a heroic effort. Schilling says he had "zero regrets" in his blog. As a redsox fan thank you Curt you gave me something my grandfather who passed away never got to see, a world series victory parade in the city of Boston

sweet sixteen overview

The Sweet 16 is set, and while the No. 1 seeds are all still alive, some Cinderellas clocks have not struck midnight yet.. Pittsburgh's road to the Final Four has been the least impressive out of the top seeds so far. The Panthers beat their first-round opponent, 16th-seeded East Tennessee State, by only 10 , and survived against Oklahoma State in the second round. They'll be facing off against fourth-seeded Xavier in the Sweet 16. In the South, Blake Griffin and #2 Oklahoma face off against Eric Devendorf and #3 seeded Syracuse. Both teams played tough lower seeds in the second round, which could lead to a long game. Arizona is the only double-digit seed left in the tournament, after defeating Cinderella story Cleveland State in the second round. The Wildcats will face a tough test when going up against #1 Louisville in the Sweet 16. Arizona has already knocked off Utah--can the Wildcats do the same against the Cardinals?
Finally, #1 Connecticut has put up 90 or more points in both of its early-round matchups, while #5 Purdue has beaten both of its opponents by a combined seven points. Is this a recipe for disaster for the Boilermakers, probabaly but we shall see what happens agains Uconn.