Friday, August 28, 2009

michael vick

  • So i watched the eagles jags game last night to see Michael Vick play. He really didnt do too much a few toss passes, although he did have one very nice pass for a first down that had alot of zip on the ball.. It seemed to me he still can throw the ball pretty well, however the one time he ran he certainly looked slower than he used to be, he didnt have that step, that cutover speed he once had. Mcnabb was reportedly unhappy already being on the sidelines. This is gonna backfire i think on the Eagles.. Vick was best when he was a what? A quarterback and the Eagles already have a pretty good on in my opinion. I dont think this move was good for the Eagles. I already liked the eagles and patriots for a superbowl appearance but now i am second guessing myself, someone is not going to be happy in philly and if the Eagles were smart they would make sure that person isnt Mcnabb.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brett Favre comes back yet again

Well well well what a surprise Brett Favre has come out of retirement yet again.. Brett favre has not retired twice in 11 months and still hasnt missed a game yet, unbelievable. Lets just get down to it, Favre didnt wanna go to training camp, and the vikings qb's in their camp were absolutely horrible this year so far so why not have the old man come back for one more shot at it. I hope he realizes hes got a great running back and he will actually have to hand the ball off to win.. I looked at the vikings schedule and they will probably go 10-6 and win their division. They are not going to a superbowl lets get that clear. I will be glad next year when i dont have to hear about this man anymore, yes it will be must watch football when the vikings visit green bay but besides that just put this dog out of its misery!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The redsox own the Yankees no more

You didnt really think the redsox were gonna keep sweeping the yankees all yaer long did you? The 4 game sweep the yankees put on the sox this past weekend reminded me pre 2004, reminded me of when the yankees went to boston in 2006 and punched them in the face 5 straight games ultimetly ending up in the redsox missing the playoffs that year. Yes the redsox are a little dinged up and were not playing well coming in and they had their chances but being shut out 2 straight games one 15 innings then not scoring til late in the 4th game, this team with this payroll didnt score a run for over 30 innings that unreal, is that even possible? The redsox are not going to win this division the yankees have never blown a 6+ game lead. And they better watch out because the rays and rangers are breathing down their necks. If the redsox get healthy they have a chance in the playoffs but right now the yankees are the better team

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Redsox cant beat the Tampa rays

Watching this game tonite i predicted on twitter 4hours before the end that the redsox would lose this game if they didnt score at least 4runs.. You see the Tampa Rays have the Boston redsox number, just like the redsox have the Angels number in the playoffs, just like the Angels have the Yankees number in the playoffs. The redsox dont play well against the AL west, oakland , seattle, the rangers these teams always give them problems and take series from them, then they play baltimore and own them, they own the yankees this year for whatever reason, but their streak against them will come to and end next week the Yankees will not be swept again thats for sure. I dont know what it is or why but some teams just have your number even though your superior in so many ways to them, and the Rays have the Redsox number for the last couple of years.