Friday, August 28, 2009

michael vick

  • So i watched the eagles jags game last night to see Michael Vick play. He really didnt do too much a few toss passes, although he did have one very nice pass for a first down that had alot of zip on the ball.. It seemed to me he still can throw the ball pretty well, however the one time he ran he certainly looked slower than he used to be, he didnt have that step, that cutover speed he once had. Mcnabb was reportedly unhappy already being on the sidelines. This is gonna backfire i think on the Eagles.. Vick was best when he was a what? A quarterback and the Eagles already have a pretty good on in my opinion. I dont think this move was good for the Eagles. I already liked the eagles and patriots for a superbowl appearance but now i am second guessing myself, someone is not going to be happy in philly and if the Eagles were smart they would make sure that person isnt Mcnabb.

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