Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brett Favre comes back yet again

Well well well what a surprise Brett Favre has come out of retirement yet again.. Brett favre has not retired twice in 11 months and still hasnt missed a game yet, unbelievable. Lets just get down to it, Favre didnt wanna go to training camp, and the vikings qb's in their camp were absolutely horrible this year so far so why not have the old man come back for one more shot at it. I hope he realizes hes got a great running back and he will actually have to hand the ball off to win.. I looked at the vikings schedule and they will probably go 10-6 and win their division. They are not going to a superbowl lets get that clear. I will be glad next year when i dont have to hear about this man anymore, yes it will be must watch football when the vikings visit green bay but besides that just put this dog out of its misery!

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