Wednesday, April 1, 2009

John Calipari leaves Memphis for Kentucky

Well i cant really say i blame the guy, its a much richer tradition at Kentucky and who wouldnt wanna coach there? I feel bad the the kids coming in that John Calipari has recruited, or the freshmen and sophmores that he recruited that expected him to be there til the end of their college careers. Its really not fair to them, but on the other hand how many times have you seen players in the past leave after just one or two years and usually they are not ready for the next level and its not fair to the coach in my opinion. Calipari will come out as the bad guy in this because hes the one leaving but could u really pass up a job like Kentucky, I know i couldnt..

alonzo mourning number retired, but should it be?

Sooo the Miami Heat retired alonzo mournings jersey , let me say this Zo was a true warrior he really was, however if this wasnt miami would his number really be retired? The only 2 other numbers in the raftors are people who never played for the actual team, michael jordan and dan marinos. This was a nice gesture but this man is not a hall of famer and certainly not someone who should have his number retired, he played just over 17seasons, he only played in 70games or more for 5 of those seasons, ya hes got a ring as a bench warmer. Zo was a great competitor at G-town and thruought his career but lets face it if he played for a real team in his NBA career like boston, NY or LA theres no chance his number is every retired, thats for legendary players and he is NOT ONE!