Wednesday, April 1, 2009

alonzo mourning number retired, but should it be?

Sooo the Miami Heat retired alonzo mournings jersey , let me say this Zo was a true warrior he really was, however if this wasnt miami would his number really be retired? The only 2 other numbers in the raftors are people who never played for the actual team, michael jordan and dan marinos. This was a nice gesture but this man is not a hall of famer and certainly not someone who should have his number retired, he played just over 17seasons, he only played in 70games or more for 5 of those seasons, ya hes got a ring as a bench warmer. Zo was a great competitor at G-town and thruought his career but lets face it if he played for a real team in his NBA career like boston, NY or LA theres no chance his number is every retired, thats for legendary players and he is NOT ONE!

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