Friday, May 1, 2009

Celtics Bulls, overtime again are you kidding me

This is simply unreal in all my life on this green earth i have never seen anything like this playoff series. Its had everything and the best is yet to come, i have a feeling game 7 will come down to the wire like the rest of them have except game 3 which was a Celtics blowout. Im a Celtics fan and sometimes i wonder if Garnett was healthy would this already be over? Probably. However a strange part of me is glad hes not playing, this series no matter who wins saturday nite will be remembered forever, the drama is 2nd to none, this is right up there with yankees vs redsox in the playoffs if not better. All im going to say is this saturday night go watch the game, i know you might not want too or u might have plans to go out, so at least record it because i think we are gonna be in store for something special.