Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chicago Bulls Vs Boston Celtics

I have never seen a series in the first round of the nba playoffs that has been this fun to watch. 3 overtime games out of 5 which is already a record for a 7game series are you kidding me.. Ray Allen and Ben Gordon goin crazy matching eachother , tonite we had no garnett, Allen fouled out so the big 3 was reduced to the big 1 and paul pierce lived up to his nickname that shaquille oneil gave him, the truth. He kept getting to his spot right at the top of the key about 18-20 feet out and just sized up the defender and hit shot after huge shot over him. I think the bulls will end up winning game 6 in chicago and i think we are gonna be in for a game 7 of the ages in Boston later this week.

Friday, April 24, 2009

yankees/redsox/nfl draft/celtics/etc

I just realized i need to go buy an additional television there are only a few times a year when sports clash in october and this weekend. I have no idea on saturday how im going to keep up with the Yankees and redsox game, the nfl draft, and the celtics. I also of course wanna watch the other nba playoff games, and good thing the bruins arent playing and already swept because id have to fit them into the mix somehow too. This is a great weekend to be a sports fan theres not enough time in a day to watch it all, even if you have dvr you still cant watch it all, im gonna have to pick. I think the nfl draft will have to take a back seat to the redsox and yanks and also the celtics. I will probably be sitting there flipping between a few games with a laptop on my lap watching the draft, what a tough life i have.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

redsox revisited

So last week i was worried about the redsox, well after today sweeping a double header and winning their 7th straight game i suddenly feel better and well who wouldnt. A true test will come this weekend when in my opinion the best rivalry in sports happens when the NY Yankees come calling. I wouldnt say the redsox are playing great but you have to take advantage of teams with the scheduling, the twins who play in a dome certainly didnt want anything to do with a 50 degree rainy doubleheader in boston and they took advantage of that. Im not a big fan of domes, i never was in one until i went to a tampa bay rays game last year, just doesnt feel like baseball, i like the open air feel. I will update the sox every week or so, it will be interesting to see what they do against a real team in the Yankees this weekend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Boston Celtics are in trouble

Tonite was truly a great game to watch, being from Connecticut and watching 2 former Uconn huskies go back and forth in Ray Allen and Ben Gordon was just awesome. It almost reminded me of Bird and Dominique but not a game 7. Yes they pulled it out and tied up the series 1-1 but if it took them the whole game to finally defeat a #7 seed at home , kevin garnett or not they are just not playing well. And they are also showing their age, i think this is going to go how the hawks went last year and they are gonna have to go 7 games to defeat an opponent they should be dominating. The Magic and Celtics are both struggling from getting complacent when they have the lead, playing to keep the lead instead of putting their foot on the gas and increasing it. If you watched the Cavs and lakers they had one thing in common it never for a minute looked like the other team was gonna win, thats why they will meet in the finals and the Celtics and Magic will be on the outside looking in..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Are the Boston Celtics done without Kevin Garnett?

Well the easy answer to this would be yes, but not so fast. Yes he will be out tomorrow when the playoffs get underway, and yes he might be out the whole Chicago series.. But for some reason i feel if this were say the eastern conference finals or the actual finals i think he would be out there, yes im an optimistic celtics fan. The Celtics i think are playing a little cat and mouse game here. I think we can agree they can beat the bulls in a 7game series without Kevin Garnett. Its the next series that will be tough and for some reason i just think the emotional leader of that defense will be out there , even if its 70percent he will be better and more inspirational than anyone else you can put out there. Id put him on the shelf too for the next 2 weeks, thats time to rest against an opponent you beat win without him. This might take him from 50% to 70%. We shall see what happens but i will be back here saying i told you so if im right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

whats wrong with the boston red sox

Well the Boston red sox lost again tonite which now takes them to 2-5 on the season. This is my team and all of New Englands team. Over the past 5yrs im used to the redsox getting out to very fast starts, im talking 24-7 type of starts and during this time the Yankees usually struggle, then about midway thru the year the sox cool down, and the yankees pick it up and we have a division race going on. Throw the Tampa Bay Rays in the mix who beat the hell out of the yankees tonite 15-5 and are now 4-3 on the year. I dont think Tampa is a fluke, they have great and i mean great young players i get to see all of their games living here in FL, they just play together very well, meanwhile the yanks over the past 10yrs whos motto is just buy great players and a championship will come havent won anything in awhile. And the sox who also buy alot of players but have had some great kids come up lately like pedroia, ellsbury, and buchholz they just kinda look well old besides those guys.. Beckett gave them a great start the other day that brought flashes of his superior 2007 year to mind. So the redsox lost 3/4 to tampa and 2/3 to a very emotional Angels squad because of their tradgedy earlier in the week.. Those are the 2 teams they met in the playoffs last year, i still have faith that the weather will get nicer and they will get back to fenway for some home cooking and take a few series in a row, but at this point you really gotta wonder maybe they just dont have it this year, they have never had a bad start in recent memory, they are like tiger woods starts strong and finishes at the top but have never come back and won a major when trailing. We shall see and i will blog about them in a few weeks and see where they are at.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Driver charged in Adenhart's death

The Orange County District Attorney has charged the driver of the minivan that killed Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others with three counts of murder, among a number of felony violations that could place him in prison for almost 55 years. Thats great and all but it wont make up for what happened, what makes me upset is the guy was already charged with dui 3yrs ago and had a suspended license, and he was on probation for it, and he was going 65 in a 35mph zone. I know one thing if i was on probation and had a suspended license and was driving at 1230am and i was drunk, i certainly would be going the speed limit and doing some white knuckle driving if u know what i mean. Andrew Thomas Gallo, whatever is coming to you from this you deserve and then some.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels pitcher killed in Crash

If you havent read the story or seen it you can view it here

This is very sad a 22yr old kid with everything in front of him, and of course the guy who hit him had no business even driving with a suspended license, nevermind the fact he was totally drunk on top of it. The real sad part about this is something like this happens every night but we never hear about it because its not someone famous or in the public eye if you will. Earlier this week Just this week, a 27-year-old fan died after being assaulted at Angel Stadium on opening day. And last but not least Scott Boras was weeping about this accident, it was strange seeing a man who half the people love and half hate sitting there crying at a podium. Enjoy life people and live everyday to the fullest, this kid left the mound with a 4-0 lead with his father watching in the stands and everything to look forward too and has been taken from us, its just not fair but what in life is.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congrats to the North Carolina Tarheels

Well North Carolina was the easy pick going into this tournament and tonite they showed why. They were not intimidated by the pro spartan crowd, they dashed out to a 22-7 lead, shut up about 50,000 people and just cruised the rest of the way. Michigan State just wasnt the same team that played Uconn, they were spent in my opinion. Everytime in the second half they cut it to 15 or 16 they either turned the ball over or gave up an offensive rebound to Carolina who always seemed to capitalize. Lawson was the key he didnt have a great shooting game but he broke the press and drove drove drove to the hole either getting fouled or passing off. Congrats to UNC they deserved it this year, this wasnt even a game

Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Carolina VS Michigan State

Well lets talk about how these teams got here, Michigan State just outrebounded Uconn which is hard to do, that was the main reason they won, just tons of offensive rebounds, a little home cookin also helped but they just outplayed Uconn, they even had people in foul trouble and still won. As for the North Carolina game, the tarheels are just too good for Villanova, it really wasnt ever close. Lets get to the game Monday night. I know Michigan State is playing basially a home game, i just cant see North Carolina losing to them, they are playing so well right now, im not saying it wont be close but i see a 87-80 kinda game. North Carolina is gonna win in my opinion, but ya never know thats why we play the game.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Four

Well its finally here tomorrow Uconn VS Michigan State and North Carolina VS Villanova. Well lets start with coaching, all 4 of these coaches are real real good, usually you can give an edge to a coach by the way he runs his team or how much his players play hard for him etc, the players are going to decide these games, the coaches are just gonna cancel eachother out. I know this is a home game for Michigan State, however this is a huge dome where crowd noise isnt a huge factor as if it was just a 20K seat normal arena. Ya u get to play in front of your home fans, sleep in your own bed and thats about it for having a home court advantage, u have huge distractions, people and friends bugging you for tickets, nervousness of playing in front of tons of family and friends, the pros and cons even out. I like Uconn in this game, i think if Hasheem Thabeet can stay out of foul trouble and Connecticut can get Michigan State into a half court game advantage Uconn, if Michigan State can get Thabeet away from the rim and draw him outside advantage Michigan State. In the other game I like North Carolina they have looked inpressive and Ty Lawson is looking like his old self, if Villanova is gonna have a chance they will have to play like a team like they have all year in the Big East, Carolina has about 4 guys that are considered to be draft picks for the NBA, Nova has more of a team feel no superstars just hard working guys. I see a Uconn, Carolina matchup for monday night

Jay Cutler goes to the Bears

Well it finally happened Jay Cutler got his way and got out of Denver, hes on his way to the Chicago Bears. Its gonna be a long season in Denver, dont get me wrong Kyle Orton is a good player just not great. For Chicago this gets the fans and city excited, it always does when you bring in a young stud with lots of potential. Personally i dont like Cutler not as the player but as the person i met him once in the chophouse in Denver after they lost the last game of the year 2yrs ago against San Francisco, he had a table of 24, i said hello i was at the game blah blah and he was just a little punk, you know what after u just lost that game to that crappy team you should be ordering in that night Jay not showing up where everyone can see you at one of Denvers best restaurants. We shall see how it works out for the bears, hopefully hes a better QB than he is a people person after a tough loss.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Donte Stallworth charged and going to jail

Well Browns WR Donte' Stallworth will be charged with killing a pedestrian last month while driving drunk in Miami. This is truly a sad story but im gonna say this and this goes for all pro athletes. One nothing good happens after 3am i can promise u that and two u are millionaires, there are hundreds of people u could call to get u, u can call and rent a limo to take u home if u dont wanna be seen in a taxi, but noooooo all of you always make the same mistake i wanna go drive my ferrari home and look cool, well now u can look cool behind bars, athletes its gonna catch up with you eventually be smart u have the money to make hundreds of right decisions before the wrong one.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

John Calipari leaves Memphis for Kentucky

Well i cant really say i blame the guy, its a much richer tradition at Kentucky and who wouldnt wanna coach there? I feel bad the the kids coming in that John Calipari has recruited, or the freshmen and sophmores that he recruited that expected him to be there til the end of their college careers. Its really not fair to them, but on the other hand how many times have you seen players in the past leave after just one or two years and usually they are not ready for the next level and its not fair to the coach in my opinion. Calipari will come out as the bad guy in this because hes the one leaving but could u really pass up a job like Kentucky, I know i couldnt..

alonzo mourning number retired, but should it be?

Sooo the Miami Heat retired alonzo mournings jersey , let me say this Zo was a true warrior he really was, however if this wasnt miami would his number really be retired? The only 2 other numbers in the raftors are people who never played for the actual team, michael jordan and dan marinos. This was a nice gesture but this man is not a hall of famer and certainly not someone who should have his number retired, he played just over 17seasons, he only played in 70games or more for 5 of those seasons, ya hes got a ring as a bench warmer. Zo was a great competitor at G-town and thruought his career but lets face it if he played for a real team in his NBA career like boston, NY or LA theres no chance his number is every retired, thats for legendary players and he is NOT ONE!