Thursday, April 23, 2009

redsox revisited

So last week i was worried about the redsox, well after today sweeping a double header and winning their 7th straight game i suddenly feel better and well who wouldnt. A true test will come this weekend when in my opinion the best rivalry in sports happens when the NY Yankees come calling. I wouldnt say the redsox are playing great but you have to take advantage of teams with the scheduling, the twins who play in a dome certainly didnt want anything to do with a 50 degree rainy doubleheader in boston and they took advantage of that. Im not a big fan of domes, i never was in one until i went to a tampa bay rays game last year, just doesnt feel like baseball, i like the open air feel. I will update the sox every week or so, it will be interesting to see what they do against a real team in the Yankees this weekend.

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