Friday, April 24, 2009

yankees/redsox/nfl draft/celtics/etc

I just realized i need to go buy an additional television there are only a few times a year when sports clash in october and this weekend. I have no idea on saturday how im going to keep up with the Yankees and redsox game, the nfl draft, and the celtics. I also of course wanna watch the other nba playoff games, and good thing the bruins arent playing and already swept because id have to fit them into the mix somehow too. This is a great weekend to be a sports fan theres not enough time in a day to watch it all, even if you have dvr you still cant watch it all, im gonna have to pick. I think the nfl draft will have to take a back seat to the redsox and yanks and also the celtics. I will probably be sitting there flipping between a few games with a laptop on my lap watching the draft, what a tough life i have.

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