Monday, March 30, 2009

nfl players mother in law dies while officer gives him a hard time.

This is an unreal story, the link to watch and read what happened can be found here Basically Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats went thru a red light on his way to the hospital to be by his mother in laws side during her final minutes, even with nurses coming outside saying in front of the officer the story was legit and she was about to die the officer refused to just let him go inside, over 10minutes later she passed away and he never got to see her. What a horrible job by this officer and all he gets is desk duty, oh meanwhile ya were sorry about that and lets dismiss the ticket, ya thats gonna make up for everything.. Just another example of a 25yr old new punk on the force thinking hes above everyone else because he has a badge and a gun, and he wasnt even man enough to apologize thru a phonecall or in person he had to issue a statement thru a lawyer. Truly pathetic officer Robert Powell, go find a new job because your horrible at this one!!!


I knew i should have went today to see this in person, when i saw the rain in the morning i passed up going and decided to watch it on tv with my uncle. Just like last year, 18th hole, putt to win and boom in again, simply unreal. Tiger woods has now won this tournament 6times and 3 of those times on the last hole. As i watched this unfold i started talking to my uncle who has seen Jack Nicklaus, Arnold palmer, and other greats play and we came to this conclusion. Your kids , kids will never ever see anyone like this, we are watching a well manicured robot/machine. With the exception of football because people will argue, joe montana, walter payton, jerry rice, jim brown, blah blah and the list goes on of who the best was i have seen in my 33 years on this earth 3 of the best ever all in their prime play on tv and in person all the time. Wayne Gretzky i dont think ill have any argument was the best hockey player to ever live, michael jordan was the best basketball player, and now tiger woods is by the the best golfer. Is there anyone thats ever been a par putter than him, 6 feet out when you have to have it, simply unreal i think i saw he was 58 for 58 inside 5 feet i dont know how i would do but id have to guess id make about 35 from inside that distance if i was lucky. Enjoy watching tiger while you still can because you will be telling your kids kids u saw the best golfer ever.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

dontrelle willis

What has happened to this guy, the Detroit Tigers today placed him on the DL with anxiety disorder. He was being compared to Vida blue just a few years ago and the last few years has been horrible he came back for the last few games last year and finished with a 0-2 record and 9.38 ERA, walking 35 batters, allowing 18 hits and getting 18 strikeouts in 24 innings. I feel bad for him because he had so much potential just a few years ago i hope he can get better and back to the form he once was.


What a great game to watch, im not a fan of either team but as i watched this game i almost didnt want either team to lose, what a great game really. The way Nova won this game reminded me of tyus edney of UCLA going down the floor to win it. I knew this was going to happen my dream of having all four number 1 seeds make it to the final four is dashed again. The big east is really representing, i think Uconn will end up playing Louisville who earlier in the year they went into Lousiville and punched them right in the face and took their lunch money. I hope we get a couple of great games tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a haunting in connecticut

Soooo i usually blog about sports but i feel the need to write a quick one about this movie i saw last night. I grew up in Connecticut about 20min from this house and have driven by it many times, my parents said the road in Southington its on which is off meriden rd has insane traffic with people just trying to get a look at the house. It sorta looks like that one in the movie and yes theres a cemetary and a hospital nearby like the movie has.. The movie starts out very good with some photos that intrigue you to start off, as usual with horror movies, theres alot of dark scenes and gruesome type things going on.. All in all without giving alot away the movie is ok i saw it mainly because im from there, the discovery channel ran a series on the house a few years ago that i thought was real good you can find it on by just typing in a haunting in connecticut , it has 9 parts/segments.

Friday, March 27, 2009

ncaa elite 8

I had predicted Uconn would cover the 6.5 spread and that Villanova would not only cover the 2.5 Duke was giving them but they would also win the game outright.. I did not see Memphis losing however. Mizz likes the up and down and they had better watch out when they play Uconn. Connecticut can go up and down the floor even with the 7ft3 bigman in the middle, this is Mizz only chance to win this game, if it turns into half court and Uconn has a chance to get their defense set i dont think Mizz has a chance. I think the North Carolina Tarheels win tonite and I see Louisville winning easy, i think this may be the first year since the expansion to 64 teams that we very well maybe have all four number 1 seeds make it to the final four, it sure would be fun to see. The team that worries me the most of not making that happen is Pittsburgh they have looked the worst of all the number 1 seeds but somehow are getting it done, Nova will be a tough task for them..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

postgame orlando magic/boston celtics

Well the magic at one point had a 16point lead, boston trimmed it to 1 and on a drive to the basket with about 30seconds to play paul pierce was clearly fouled but there was no call. The magic hit 1 out of 2 free throws and pierce tried a fade away 3pointer to win the game which drew nothing but air. It was a fun game to go too, Kevin Garnett only played about half of it, Dwight howard is just a beast if patrick ewing could ever teach him the touch he used to have when shooting the ball he would dominate, he still does but half of it is just his athleticism, he takes alot of weird left hand like hook jump shots, some fall others dont. Rashard lewis finally got his stroke back he was on tonite, you really dont realize til you watch in person what a line drive he shoots, no arc on the ball whatsoever. I have a feeling they will meet again in the playoffs, neither team had their A game tonite but it was a great game that came down to a final shot, cant ask for much more than that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

boston celtics orlando magic

Well i will be attending the Boston/Orlando game tonite it will be interesting to see how Boston responds after Orlando beat them a few weeks ago in Boston. Im also interested to see if the fans get really into it, fans down south just dont seem to have the rowdyness/enthusiasm as the northeast fans have, hopefully there will be some excitement tonite, i shall blog a post game post as well.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Curt Schilling retires

After 23 years , 3 world series titles and a bloodstained sock that became part of Boston Red Sox history Curt Schilling has finally retired.. As a redsox fan this man will always have a special place in my heart, yes he can be a jerk, and cocky but game 6 in yankee stadium against the hated yankees and who knows if it was blood or ketchup, either way the man was hurt and prevailed with a heroic effort. Schilling says he had "zero regrets" in his blog. As a redsox fan thank you Curt you gave me something my grandfather who passed away never got to see, a world series victory parade in the city of Boston

sweet sixteen overview

The Sweet 16 is set, and while the No. 1 seeds are all still alive, some Cinderellas clocks have not struck midnight yet.. Pittsburgh's road to the Final Four has been the least impressive out of the top seeds so far. The Panthers beat their first-round opponent, 16th-seeded East Tennessee State, by only 10 , and survived against Oklahoma State in the second round. They'll be facing off against fourth-seeded Xavier in the Sweet 16. In the South, Blake Griffin and #2 Oklahoma face off against Eric Devendorf and #3 seeded Syracuse. Both teams played tough lower seeds in the second round, which could lead to a long game. Arizona is the only double-digit seed left in the tournament, after defeating Cinderella story Cleveland State in the second round. The Wildcats will face a tough test when going up against #1 Louisville in the Sweet 16. Arizona has already knocked off Utah--can the Wildcats do the same against the Cardinals?
Finally, #1 Connecticut has put up 90 or more points in both of its early-round matchups, while #5 Purdue has beaten both of its opponents by a combined seven points. Is this a recipe for disaster for the Boilermakers, probabaly but we shall see what happens agains Uconn.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

ncaa march madness

Well we didnt have any number 1 seeds go down and all have advanced, Pittsburgh did have a scare but still pulled it out.. I picked Pitt to win this whole tournament based on playing in the big east, i just feel that made them tough.. If Connecticut didnt lose Dyson i would have picked them instead. One of these days we will see a 16seed take down a 1, just not this year.