Saturday, March 28, 2009

a haunting in connecticut

Soooo i usually blog about sports but i feel the need to write a quick one about this movie i saw last night. I grew up in Connecticut about 20min from this house and have driven by it many times, my parents said the road in Southington its on which is off meriden rd has insane traffic with people just trying to get a look at the house. It sorta looks like that one in the movie and yes theres a cemetary and a hospital nearby like the movie has.. The movie starts out very good with some photos that intrigue you to start off, as usual with horror movies, theres alot of dark scenes and gruesome type things going on.. All in all without giving alot away the movie is ok i saw it mainly because im from there, the discovery channel ran a series on the house a few years ago that i thought was real good you can find it on by just typing in a haunting in connecticut , it has 9 parts/segments.

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