Friday, March 27, 2009

ncaa elite 8

I had predicted Uconn would cover the 6.5 spread and that Villanova would not only cover the 2.5 Duke was giving them but they would also win the game outright.. I did not see Memphis losing however. Mizz likes the up and down and they had better watch out when they play Uconn. Connecticut can go up and down the floor even with the 7ft3 bigman in the middle, this is Mizz only chance to win this game, if it turns into half court and Uconn has a chance to get their defense set i dont think Mizz has a chance. I think the North Carolina Tarheels win tonite and I see Louisville winning easy, i think this may be the first year since the expansion to 64 teams that we very well maybe have all four number 1 seeds make it to the final four, it sure would be fun to see. The team that worries me the most of not making that happen is Pittsburgh they have looked the worst of all the number 1 seeds but somehow are getting it done, Nova will be a tough task for them..

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  1. Hey Steve I agree with you that Mizzou needs to play at a fast pace and I see it working early but I don't think they can keep it up for 40 min. and your Huskies pull away in the second half for the W. Also don't forget that all the number 1s made it to the final four last year, you might have blacked out last years tourney after Uconn made an early exit.