Thursday, March 26, 2009

postgame orlando magic/boston celtics

Well the magic at one point had a 16point lead, boston trimmed it to 1 and on a drive to the basket with about 30seconds to play paul pierce was clearly fouled but there was no call. The magic hit 1 out of 2 free throws and pierce tried a fade away 3pointer to win the game which drew nothing but air. It was a fun game to go too, Kevin Garnett only played about half of it, Dwight howard is just a beast if patrick ewing could ever teach him the touch he used to have when shooting the ball he would dominate, he still does but half of it is just his athleticism, he takes alot of weird left hand like hook jump shots, some fall others dont. Rashard lewis finally got his stroke back he was on tonite, you really dont realize til you watch in person what a line drive he shoots, no arc on the ball whatsoever. I have a feeling they will meet again in the playoffs, neither team had their A game tonite but it was a great game that came down to a final shot, cant ask for much more than that.

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