Sunday, February 7, 2010

Peyton Mannings legacy revisited

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about peyton mannings legacy if he doesnt win the superbowl this year and would like to revisit this topic.. I am a patriots fan so of course i wanted the Colts to lose they are my rival of the decade. I saw peyton manning make a few throws tonite that i dont think brady could even make, however in the longrun peyton manning has proven hes nothing but a spectacular regular season qb and a mediocore playoff game qb.

Peyton Manning really had a chance to stamp his legacy tonite, put him a notch above qb's who have only won 1 superbowl but now hes back with all of them, back with his mediocore brother with 1 superbowl win. Im gonna compare him to the Atlanta Braves of the 90's all those playoff appearances and yet only 1 world series win to show for it. Will the Colts be in the playoffs again next year of course they will they will go 13-3 like they do every season but you have to ask yourself is peyton manning really a great all-time quarterback? To be continued.

The Superbowl is Here

Well finally the big day is here the superbowl.. Its the beginning of the end, what the hell am i gonna do on sundays now until september? More on that later. I got knocked down pretty good in high school basketball and the coach stood over me and said are you hurt or are you injured i replied hurt he replied good get up then and back in the game. So i fully expect to see Dwight Freeney playing tomomrrow but expect the Saints to double him and test him early..

Ya Reggie Wayne got a little dinged up but he will be fine. As much as i want to pick the Saints and it would be great for the city especially after what they have been thru, they are not going to win. My heart tells me Saints the brain tells me Colts, i didnt hear about any colts players out til 345am tuesday morning, i did about the Saints though.. Saints are happy to be there and treating this like a gaga vacation, colts are all business and teams that are business usually take care of it in the longrun.

I think the game will go back n forth however when its all said and done with i think were gonna have a 34-30ish win by the colts and then all the manning is better than brady talk will begin.. Maybe after he gets 3 rings we can have that discussion until then its gonna be another superbowl win for the Colts. I guess ill get my golf clubs outta my trunk at least i can do that on sundays now :(

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peyton Mannings legacy

If Peyton Manning does not win a superbowl this year he will be in my mind the best regular season qb we have ever seen and one of the worst and quite opposite in the playoffs.. His reg season stats 117-59, his playoff stats 7-8 not even a winning record throughout all these years. He has more victories in the past decade than any NFL qb ever. Lets see what are his playoff stats all time here you go, 348 of 565 (61.5 percent) for 4,207 yards. 22 touchdown passes and 17 interceptions. His quarterback rating: 84.8. The year he won the superbowl and went 4-0 these were his stats 97 of 153 (63.4%) for 1,034 yards, 6.8 YPA, 3 TD, 7 INT, 70.5 passer rating, pretty pathetic if u ask me. And for whatever reason he never gets any help in the running game in the playoffs. If peyton manning does not win a superbowl this year and he had a pretty easy road there considering they didnt have to play the chargers who own them or the pats, or anyone that could score with them, in anycase if they dont win they might not again while hes a qb. I always get these people because im a patriots fan coming up to me saying hes passed brady as a qb and yes the patriots did choke away a superbowl, granted on a wacky yet great catch, but i always refer them back to one thing, check out the jewerly scoreboard it reads 3-1 and until that changes he cant hold brady's jock.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark Mcgwire

So he finally comes out and admits to using steroids, why is this such a big story and a suprise to everyone, didnt we all think this to begin with? You know who keeps looking better and better from all of this Jose Canseco, we all used to think he was an idiot and full of it just trying to make money and write books but he has been spot on for the most part with all his allegations. The one thing about McGwire to keep in mind and this is how you know hes completely foolish is he keeps saying i really wanted to get this off my chest in front of congress that day but my lawyers could not grant him immunity at the time of his hearing, well guess what after the statute of limitations expired in 2006 he couldnt get in trouble anyways, soooo he had this on his mind and chest right so in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and until now it took him to speak up when he would have been in immunity to begin with because the statute of limitations expired? Ummm nice try but unfortunately im smarter than you and your lawyer you wanted to get this off your chest because you wanted to be a coach on a team. What a joke and a fraud and you WILL NEVER get into the hall of fame now.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alabama Crimson Tide national champs

I called it, i said wayyyyyy back in week 1 Alabama was the best team in college football. You woudlnt know it by how they played the first 5minutes of this bcs championship game vs Texas. Their qb Mcelroy looked horrible, im not joking when i say i could have done better, he was hesitant to the point where the ball looked stuck in his hand, then a fake punt that turned into an interception. Would the outcome have been different if Colt Mccoy didnt get hurt i would say so, but i dont think Texas would have won.. This is why in my opinion Mccoy and Sam Bradford wont be good pro qb's in my opinon they are injury prone because of their body frame/structure.

When Alabama was down i just kept saying give it to the heisman trophy winner it will slow and calm things down and he will do what he does , gain positive yardage. Alabama's defense is amazing to watch controlled chaos is what it is. Theres a bright spot for Texas here their backup was horrible in the 1st half but calmed down in the 2nd half and had the team within striking distance til a fumble did them in. He wont be in a bigger game or more pressurized situation his next 3yrs so i think he and the longhorns will be just fine in the years to come but as for now, Rolltide.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boise State

So after watching the Boise State Tcu game last night it got me thinking. Are they really this good or really only this good because of the teams they play, until Oregon they only played a ranked team once at home in the previous years, but Tcu was the real deal and granted they ran a trick play to beat them but they did it and were successful once again. From thinking Boise State used to just be a feel story, they are actually a real team now playing in real meaningful bowl games. Could they beat a Florida or Alabama right now well probably not lets not go that far however im sure they c0uld have beat that fraud Cincinnatti team that got smoked by the Gators last week. Ive come to appreciate Boise State it must be hard to build a program up there, no beach or pretty girls to offer like USC or warm weather like the teams in Florida but yet they get the players they need to have to be great and thats all that matters. Now if we could only get them to change their home field so i can watch the games without hurting my eyes then i will be totally sold.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Florida Gators and Urban Meyer

Living here in Florida all you hear about is the gators, it does get a little much at times. Personally i never thought they were as good as their #1 ranking, i mean cmon they played my high school in the first 2 weeks of the season, and their one tough road game @LSU well their qb was horrible they have a good defense but no offense. When they finally had to play a real time it was RollTide all day long, a great D, a superior running back and a qb whos well not that great but just did his job and didnt make any foolish mistakes. Then Meyer goes to the hospital for dehydration after the game ok it happens.

Now he retires and then i think he realized hes gonna cost UF some great recruits if he stayed retires so he un-retires, i found it convenient he retired his thought process was probably no tebow, no spikes, im gonna go 8-4 next year i like to call it the Coach K move of Duke, conveniently having health issues when the team is gonna be in a downfall year, then all of a sudden whooaaa im better the next year when they are good again. I honestly dont know whats wrong with him, even at his press conference he couldlnt even describe it all i kept hearing was i just gotta get better soon. I told alot of Gators fans enjoy this year while you can and live it up if you go undefeated because it wont happen again for a long time, and they choked it up, Tebow you came back for nothing, you wasted a year of your life, i dont think you will be an NFL qb but u might be something else who knows because you do have drive and respect for the game.