Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peyton Mannings legacy

If Peyton Manning does not win a superbowl this year he will be in my mind the best regular season qb we have ever seen and one of the worst and quite opposite in the playoffs.. His reg season stats 117-59, his playoff stats 7-8 not even a winning record throughout all these years. He has more victories in the past decade than any NFL qb ever. Lets see what are his playoff stats all time here you go, 348 of 565 (61.5 percent) for 4,207 yards. 22 touchdown passes and 17 interceptions. His quarterback rating: 84.8. The year he won the superbowl and went 4-0 these were his stats 97 of 153 (63.4%) for 1,034 yards, 6.8 YPA, 3 TD, 7 INT, 70.5 passer rating, pretty pathetic if u ask me. And for whatever reason he never gets any help in the running game in the playoffs. If peyton manning does not win a superbowl this year and he had a pretty easy road there considering they didnt have to play the chargers who own them or the pats, or anyone that could score with them, in anycase if they dont win they might not again while hes a qb. I always get these people because im a patriots fan coming up to me saying hes passed brady as a qb and yes the patriots did choke away a superbowl, granted on a wacky yet great catch, but i always refer them back to one thing, check out the jewerly scoreboard it reads 3-1 and until that changes he cant hold brady's jock.

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