Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Superbowl is Here

Well finally the big day is here the superbowl.. Its the beginning of the end, what the hell am i gonna do on sundays now until september? More on that later. I got knocked down pretty good in high school basketball and the coach stood over me and said are you hurt or are you injured i replied hurt he replied good get up then and back in the game. So i fully expect to see Dwight Freeney playing tomomrrow but expect the Saints to double him and test him early..

Ya Reggie Wayne got a little dinged up but he will be fine. As much as i want to pick the Saints and it would be great for the city especially after what they have been thru, they are not going to win. My heart tells me Saints the brain tells me Colts, i didnt hear about any colts players out til 345am tuesday morning, i did about the Saints though.. Saints are happy to be there and treating this like a gaga vacation, colts are all business and teams that are business usually take care of it in the longrun.

I think the game will go back n forth however when its all said and done with i think were gonna have a 34-30ish win by the colts and then all the manning is better than brady talk will begin.. Maybe after he gets 3 rings we can have that discussion until then its gonna be another superbowl win for the Colts. I guess ill get my golf clubs outta my trunk at least i can do that on sundays now :(

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