Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boise State

So after watching the Boise State Tcu game last night it got me thinking. Are they really this good or really only this good because of the teams they play, until Oregon they only played a ranked team once at home in the previous years, but Tcu was the real deal and granted they ran a trick play to beat them but they did it and were successful once again. From thinking Boise State used to just be a feel story, they are actually a real team now playing in real meaningful bowl games. Could they beat a Florida or Alabama right now well probably not lets not go that far however im sure they c0uld have beat that fraud Cincinnatti team that got smoked by the Gators last week. Ive come to appreciate Boise State it must be hard to build a program up there, no beach or pretty girls to offer like USC or warm weather like the teams in Florida but yet they get the players they need to have to be great and thats all that matters. Now if we could only get them to change their home field so i can watch the games without hurting my eyes then i will be totally sold.

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