Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alabama Crimson Tide national champs

I called it, i said wayyyyyy back in week 1 Alabama was the best team in college football. You woudlnt know it by how they played the first 5minutes of this bcs championship game vs Texas. Their qb Mcelroy looked horrible, im not joking when i say i could have done better, he was hesitant to the point where the ball looked stuck in his hand, then a fake punt that turned into an interception. Would the outcome have been different if Colt Mccoy didnt get hurt i would say so, but i dont think Texas would have won.. This is why in my opinion Mccoy and Sam Bradford wont be good pro qb's in my opinon they are injury prone because of their body frame/structure.

When Alabama was down i just kept saying give it to the heisman trophy winner it will slow and calm things down and he will do what he does , gain positive yardage. Alabama's defense is amazing to watch controlled chaos is what it is. Theres a bright spot for Texas here their backup was horrible in the 1st half but calmed down in the 2nd half and had the team within striking distance til a fumble did them in. He wont be in a bigger game or more pressurized situation his next 3yrs so i think he and the longhorns will be just fine in the years to come but as for now, Rolltide.

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