Sunday, January 3, 2010

Florida Gators and Urban Meyer

Living here in Florida all you hear about is the gators, it does get a little much at times. Personally i never thought they were as good as their #1 ranking, i mean cmon they played my high school in the first 2 weeks of the season, and their one tough road game @LSU well their qb was horrible they have a good defense but no offense. When they finally had to play a real time it was RollTide all day long, a great D, a superior running back and a qb whos well not that great but just did his job and didnt make any foolish mistakes. Then Meyer goes to the hospital for dehydration after the game ok it happens.

Now he retires and then i think he realized hes gonna cost UF some great recruits if he stayed retires so he un-retires, i found it convenient he retired his thought process was probably no tebow, no spikes, im gonna go 8-4 next year i like to call it the Coach K move of Duke, conveniently having health issues when the team is gonna be in a downfall year, then all of a sudden whooaaa im better the next year when they are good again. I honestly dont know whats wrong with him, even at his press conference he couldlnt even describe it all i kept hearing was i just gotta get better soon. I told alot of Gators fans enjoy this year while you can and live it up if you go undefeated because it wont happen again for a long time, and they choked it up, Tebow you came back for nothing, you wasted a year of your life, i dont think you will be an NFL qb but u might be something else who knows because you do have drive and respect for the game.

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