Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger woods

Im the same age as Tiger Woods, im also the same height as Tiger woods. Tiger woods in the only reason i picked up a golf club, when i was younger golf was for old men with funny looking pants, Tiger made golf cool for young guys like me. Ive seen him play in person a few times, i followed him around winged foot in the first tourny after his father died, i came away thinking boy hes robotic, just doesnt seem like one of us , i followed mickelson later in the day and he was interacting with us and eating chex mix, tiger was just like a robot, all business which maybe why he is so good at what he does.

Am i surprised at what has happened to him, a little bit. I would figure someone with that much money and smart people around him would have at least told him if your going to do things behing others back at least buy a Bat phone or something thats not your main blackberry or whatever he might have, but thats why it doesnt surprise me, you cant be sharp at everything, ya hes better at golf than all of us and amazes us but hes not reality smart so to say, this is one subject he didnt have advisors for or people to ask, if that was you or i we would have covered it up better and had a backup phone not linked to us a pay as you go phone, something, anything besides our everyday phone.

You usually get caught eventually when your doing something wrong, whether it be at work or in everyday life, the golf world will suffer from this, after his surgery in 2008 golf ratings were down 47percent in tournaments in which he didnt play in. I honestly feel this will turn out like Kobe Bryant, his wife will forgive him , what is she nuts asking him to quit golf, umm hello you wouldnt have that nice house, car, manicure etc without the money he made from golf, open your eyes. Tiger woods is the greatest competitor ive seen, he will use all this negativity to his advantage, Tiger will take all of this rage and build-up out on his opponents when he gets back on the course and probably be as good or better than he ever was, thats what he does, he golfs and does it better than anyone else.

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