Thursday, October 1, 2009

whos the best team in college football?

I think this debate is going to be settled in the sec title game, im still not sold on florida, they played my high school in their first 2 games of the year. Alabama has had no close games and has beat a ranked team va tech in their first game unlike florida who will be playing a overranked LSU team that almost lost if not for a goal line stand this past weekend. Miami would have been ranked #1 if they beat va tech last week and beat oklahoma this week but they stumbled. Next year miami will be ranked #1 all of their real good players are only sophmores which is scary, the U is gonna be back for sure, this year is more a sneak preview. We will see boise state whos currently ranked 5th get passed by a team or two with 1 loss in the upcoming weeks because they play a BS schedule.. That big home field advantage i think they are 62-3 or whatever , how many ranked teams do u think they have played at home during that? Heres a hint only one, oregon earlier this year, boise state will join BYU and all those other schools in meaningless conferences and weak schedules and fall down the polls. All its gonna take is one more hit on tebow and the rest of the year will all be up in the air, but until then who can beat the champs?

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