Monday, March 30, 2009

nfl players mother in law dies while officer gives him a hard time.

This is an unreal story, the link to watch and read what happened can be found here Basically Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats went thru a red light on his way to the hospital to be by his mother in laws side during her final minutes, even with nurses coming outside saying in front of the officer the story was legit and she was about to die the officer refused to just let him go inside, over 10minutes later she passed away and he never got to see her. What a horrible job by this officer and all he gets is desk duty, oh meanwhile ya were sorry about that and lets dismiss the ticket, ya thats gonna make up for everything.. Just another example of a 25yr old new punk on the force thinking hes above everyone else because he has a badge and a gun, and he wasnt even man enough to apologize thru a phonecall or in person he had to issue a statement thru a lawyer. Truly pathetic officer Robert Powell, go find a new job because your horrible at this one!!!

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