Monday, March 30, 2009


I knew i should have went today to see this in person, when i saw the rain in the morning i passed up going and decided to watch it on tv with my uncle. Just like last year, 18th hole, putt to win and boom in again, simply unreal. Tiger woods has now won this tournament 6times and 3 of those times on the last hole. As i watched this unfold i started talking to my uncle who has seen Jack Nicklaus, Arnold palmer, and other greats play and we came to this conclusion. Your kids , kids will never ever see anyone like this, we are watching a well manicured robot/machine. With the exception of football because people will argue, joe montana, walter payton, jerry rice, jim brown, blah blah and the list goes on of who the best was i have seen in my 33 years on this earth 3 of the best ever all in their prime play on tv and in person all the time. Wayne Gretzky i dont think ill have any argument was the best hockey player to ever live, michael jordan was the best basketball player, and now tiger woods is by the the best golfer. Is there anyone thats ever been a par putter than him, 6 feet out when you have to have it, simply unreal i think i saw he was 58 for 58 inside 5 feet i dont know how i would do but id have to guess id make about 35 from inside that distance if i was lucky. Enjoy watching tiger while you still can because you will be telling your kids kids u saw the best golfer ever.

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