Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chicago Bulls Vs Boston Celtics

I have never seen a series in the first round of the nba playoffs that has been this fun to watch. 3 overtime games out of 5 which is already a record for a 7game series are you kidding me.. Ray Allen and Ben Gordon goin crazy matching eachother , tonite we had no garnett, Allen fouled out so the big 3 was reduced to the big 1 and paul pierce lived up to his nickname that shaquille oneil gave him, the truth. He kept getting to his spot right at the top of the key about 18-20 feet out and just sized up the defender and hit shot after huge shot over him. I think the bulls will end up winning game 6 in chicago and i think we are gonna be in for a game 7 of the ages in Boston later this week.

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