Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Four

Well its finally here tomorrow Uconn VS Michigan State and North Carolina VS Villanova. Well lets start with coaching, all 4 of these coaches are real real good, usually you can give an edge to a coach by the way he runs his team or how much his players play hard for him etc, the players are going to decide these games, the coaches are just gonna cancel eachother out. I know this is a home game for Michigan State, however this is a huge dome where crowd noise isnt a huge factor as if it was just a 20K seat normal arena. Ya u get to play in front of your home fans, sleep in your own bed and thats about it for having a home court advantage, u have huge distractions, people and friends bugging you for tickets, nervousness of playing in front of tons of family and friends, the pros and cons even out. I like Uconn in this game, i think if Hasheem Thabeet can stay out of foul trouble and Connecticut can get Michigan State into a half court game advantage Uconn, if Michigan State can get Thabeet away from the rim and draw him outside advantage Michigan State. In the other game I like North Carolina they have looked inpressive and Ty Lawson is looking like his old self, if Villanova is gonna have a chance they will have to play like a team like they have all year in the Big East, Carolina has about 4 guys that are considered to be draft picks for the NBA, Nova has more of a team feel no superstars just hard working guys. I see a Uconn, Carolina matchup for monday night

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