Friday, April 3, 2009

Jay Cutler goes to the Bears

Well it finally happened Jay Cutler got his way and got out of Denver, hes on his way to the Chicago Bears. Its gonna be a long season in Denver, dont get me wrong Kyle Orton is a good player just not great. For Chicago this gets the fans and city excited, it always does when you bring in a young stud with lots of potential. Personally i dont like Cutler not as the player but as the person i met him once in the chophouse in Denver after they lost the last game of the year 2yrs ago against San Francisco, he had a table of 24, i said hello i was at the game blah blah and he was just a little punk, you know what after u just lost that game to that crappy team you should be ordering in that night Jay not showing up where everyone can see you at one of Denvers best restaurants. We shall see how it works out for the bears, hopefully hes a better QB than he is a people person after a tough loss.

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