Friday, April 17, 2009

Are the Boston Celtics done without Kevin Garnett?

Well the easy answer to this would be yes, but not so fast. Yes he will be out tomorrow when the playoffs get underway, and yes he might be out the whole Chicago series.. But for some reason i feel if this were say the eastern conference finals or the actual finals i think he would be out there, yes im an optimistic celtics fan. The Celtics i think are playing a little cat and mouse game here. I think we can agree they can beat the bulls in a 7game series without Kevin Garnett. Its the next series that will be tough and for some reason i just think the emotional leader of that defense will be out there , even if its 70percent he will be better and more inspirational than anyone else you can put out there. Id put him on the shelf too for the next 2 weeks, thats time to rest against an opponent you beat win without him. This might take him from 50% to 70%. We shall see what happens but i will be back here saying i told you so if im right.

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