Tuesday, April 14, 2009

whats wrong with the boston red sox

Well the Boston red sox lost again tonite which now takes them to 2-5 on the season. This is my team and all of New Englands team. Over the past 5yrs im used to the redsox getting out to very fast starts, im talking 24-7 type of starts and during this time the Yankees usually struggle, then about midway thru the year the sox cool down, and the yankees pick it up and we have a division race going on. Throw the Tampa Bay Rays in the mix who beat the hell out of the yankees tonite 15-5 and are now 4-3 on the year. I dont think Tampa is a fluke, they have great and i mean great young players i get to see all of their games living here in FL, they just play together very well, meanwhile the yanks over the past 10yrs whos motto is just buy great players and a championship will come havent won anything in awhile. And the sox who also buy alot of players but have had some great kids come up lately like pedroia, ellsbury, and buchholz they just kinda look well old besides those guys.. Beckett gave them a great start the other day that brought flashes of his superior 2007 year to mind. So the redsox lost 3/4 to tampa and 2/3 to a very emotional Angels squad because of their tradgedy earlier in the week.. Those are the 2 teams they met in the playoffs last year, i still have faith that the weather will get nicer and they will get back to fenway for some home cooking and take a few series in a row, but at this point you really gotta wonder maybe they just dont have it this year, they have never had a bad start in recent memory, they are like tiger woods starts strong and finishes at the top but have never come back and won a major when trailing. We shall see and i will blog about them in a few weeks and see where they are at.

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