Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels pitcher killed in Crash

If you havent read the story or seen it you can view it here

This is very sad a 22yr old kid with everything in front of him, and of course the guy who hit him had no business even driving with a suspended license, nevermind the fact he was totally drunk on top of it. The real sad part about this is something like this happens every night but we never hear about it because its not someone famous or in the public eye if you will. Earlier this week Just this week, a 27-year-old fan died after being assaulted at Angel Stadium on opening day. And last but not least Scott Boras was weeping about this accident, it was strange seeing a man who half the people love and half hate sitting there crying at a podium. Enjoy life people and live everyday to the fullest, this kid left the mound with a 4-0 lead with his father watching in the stands and everything to look forward too and has been taken from us, its just not fair but what in life is.

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