Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congrats to the North Carolina Tarheels

Well North Carolina was the easy pick going into this tournament and tonite they showed why. They were not intimidated by the pro spartan crowd, they dashed out to a 22-7 lead, shut up about 50,000 people and just cruised the rest of the way. Michigan State just wasnt the same team that played Uconn, they were spent in my opinion. Everytime in the second half they cut it to 15 or 16 they either turned the ball over or gave up an offensive rebound to Carolina who always seemed to capitalize. Lawson was the key he didnt have a great shooting game but he broke the press and drove drove drove to the hole either getting fouled or passing off. Congrats to UNC they deserved it this year, this wasnt even a game

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