Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Redsox cant beat the Tampa rays

Watching this game tonite i predicted on twitter 4hours before the end that the redsox would lose this game if they didnt score at least 4runs.. You see the Tampa Rays have the Boston redsox number, just like the redsox have the Angels number in the playoffs, just like the Angels have the Yankees number in the playoffs. The redsox dont play well against the AL west, oakland , seattle, the rangers these teams always give them problems and take series from them, then they play baltimore and own them, they own the yankees this year for whatever reason, but their streak against them will come to and end next week the Yankees will not be swept again thats for sure. I dont know what it is or why but some teams just have your number even though your superior in so many ways to them, and the Rays have the Redsox number for the last couple of years.

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