Monday, July 13, 2009

MLB midseason thoughts

Well the redsox are in first place, i thought that at the beginning of the year, the yankees have come on strong lately, and the Rays are finally healthy so the AL east will be going down to the wire im sure. In the AL central the tigers have had a nice bounce back year with the white sox not far behind, i just dont think the twins will catch either of them and they will have too because the wild card will be coming out of the AL east. The Angels are in first and would be at least 5 games ahead if they kept K-Rod which we know they are regretting, the rangers will fade.

To the NL , well the dodgers are in first and got manny back so they are in great shape. For the bad start the cubs have had they are only a few games out of first and within striking distance but i expect the cardinals to win that division. The Mets are my dissapointment of the year, the marlins will fade, and philly is in first place and has a horrible home record which if they turn around this division will be over in august.

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