Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Redsox own the Yankees

I never would have thought this could be true but it is, ever since 2004 after that game 7 the Boston redsox are the Yankees daddy. In the reality of how those 2 teams keep score its redsox 2, yankees 0. The redsox are 8-0 this year against NY, and they are winning how the yankees used to win, not a whole bunch of homers, a walk, a single , a sac fly. When these two play its the redsox now with superior confidence, its the redsox who seem to get a timely hit, or a big out when they need it, its unreal. The yankees this year against the phillies and redsox are 1-10 ya they beat up on the bad teams which is what you should do, but against the big boys they stink and thats why their will not be a championship in the bronx yet again this year.

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