Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Cleveland cavaliers are the mistake by the lake

Game 2 lebron hits the winner it makes up for the jordan shots that have beaten the cavs in the playoffs twice, the browns giving up 98yards and losing to john elway and the broncos etc, and guess what they are still gonna blow it. I thought the cavs would come to orlando and split and get out of here and go home and win in 7 games, instead they lose both, tonite the magic hit 17 3's thats unreal but thats their game when they hit them they win when they dont they look like a college team..

That last shot by lebron looked like it was going in it was the right distance just bad direction, i cant believe cleveland is struggling like this, they looked unbeatable in their first 8 playoff games now they have to win 3 in a row to keep their season alive, u know how many teams have come back from down 3-1??? 8 only 8 and i dont see cleveland doing it. Over the last 3yrs inlcuding the playoffs the magic are 12-5 against the cavs, and against the lakers ya they swept them this year too. Its a shame they have those kobe lebron puppet commercials all over the place what a waste of money because one of the so called MVP'S isnt gonna be there in the end, and the refs have even tried to help them, 3 bad calls against howard on lebron during this series, a no call at the end of the game which i get the whole lets swallow our whistle and let the players decide it but if that was lebron hes getting to the line, the cavs cant even beat the magic with the refs of their side, they deserve to continue the long standing tradition of the mistake by the lake, just like a few years ago we had the Indians up 3-1 on the redsox well BOHICA cleveland and if u dont know what that means.. Bend Over Here It Comes Again!!!!!!!

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