Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orlando magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers game 1

After watching the unreal game last night between the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers i didnt think anything would top it anytime soon boy was i wrong. By the end of the first quarter tonite Lebron James looked like a man amongst boys and it appeared to me that the Cavs were gonna run away and hide and have their 9th straight win by over 10pts in the 2009 playoffs. Even at halftime with the Cavs Williams making about a 7o foot 3 pointer to stretch the lead to 15 and go into halftime with all the momentum i never felt the magic had a chance.

Then the 3rd quarter, something became very obvious, lebron james was far and away the best player on the court all nite, however he has no bench and not alot of help, the orlando magic bench outscored clevelands 25-5. The Magic chipped away and away and outscored the cavs 30-19 to bring them to a 82-78 deficit at the end of the 3rd quarter. Ive watched every magic playoff game and the most consistent player was the one who hit the big big shot tonite, rashard lewis has been there just about every game for them and boy did he hit a big shot tonite. Even before that u can see they magic learned something from beating boston, Hedo turkoglu was at the top of the 3point line, faked the player up and jumped into him, ive never seen him do that in about 30games, where did he learn that trick from watching paul pierce whos mastered it in the last 7 games. The magic are taking a few tricks here and there they learned and applying them now in crucial situations, really nice to see a team grow like that.

I fully expect a Cavs win in game 2, a loss again at home would be downright painful. Chances are the Cavs will get one on the road and this series could well be on its way to 7 games which as a fan is great. It was nice to see that the Cavs are not bullet proof, i thought they were i picked them to win this series 4-2, we will really see how good they are now because they have alot of pressure on them the next 2 games, if they lose game 2 or 3 they are gonna be in a serious hole.

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