Monday, May 11, 2009

Celtics vs Magic my Mothers day experience.

After picking up my sister after her cruise and having lunch with her and her new fiance before sending them back to CT and cooking on the grill it was here game time.. I went to friday nights magic blowout game of Boston but i knew tonite would be different after that embarrassment. I almost didnt wear my paul pierce #34 jersey as i have twice before friday and in march and we lost both games but something told me when they win you will be wishing u had it on instead of a celtics t-shirt so there i went , sox hat backwards , pierce jersey on, i took my uncle and my aunt for mothers day, we arrived at 630pm and here we go.

I went down to the court watched warmups i dont know why i do its like batting practice i just do i enjoy watching the routines and am amazed just how many shots these guys can make in a row when nobodys guarding them. Off to my seats in section 108, a nice tribute to chuck daly before the introductions, chuck was a magic coach a few years, let the detroit pistons to back to back titles and coached the original dream team in Barcelona, great man. Soo the game starts these 2 kids about 21ish 1 in particular sit behind me hes ok at first boston sucks red sox suck pierce sucks blah blah its all good im in enemy territory and have been to many redsox yankee games. They handed out these magic rally towels i just sat on mine, more to that later.

So halftime close game went to bathroom very quiet, not like friday when i got alot of celtics suck pierce sucks heres his bathroom handicapped. Soo 3rd qt the celtics are making a run now the guy has had alot of beer, starts saying people from Boston are PUSS(^#& ill let u fill in the blank, then starts going with the what happen to your sox the rays beat them evan longoria blah blah where i turned around and said hmm cole hammels, phillies? heard of em? Then he makes a few ohh pierce looks like he just got shot again falling down i say no it was a knife in a club he got attacked with. Then for some reason he thinks he went to duke and grew up in compton when i say umm no he went to kansas and grew up in englewood down the street from the old forum in LA, do u know anything about sports he got a little embarrassed, so now he pulls out his paddle thing a noise maker.

The Celtics are playing ok at this point but the magic are catching up and paul pierce now has 5fouls, he starts makin all that raquet right up against me and my uncle to where my uncle says something and hes like fuck boston blah blah and my uncle is a magic fan im the boston fan so my uncle says do u not see me cheering for the same team as u the last 2hrs? Once again he shuts down for a bit. Everyone else i got along great with i always tryto make friends and make it fun afterall your gonna be sitting with these people for 3hrs, i usually talk out the game with fellow opponents sitting around me makes for alot of fun of strategy and who should shoot, stuff like that. Ok Rashard Lewis hits 2 free throws, big ones, ive met rashard a few times, very cool guy just cant root for him when hes playing my team.

Big Baby davis really got it alot from the crowd including that idiot behind me, fat bastard cry baby, blahblah everything u can think of. He hits that big shot, and then im thinking pierce is gonna drive this to the basket and kick to Allen or House for the win and it goes to Davis, i hold my breathe , i see it go thru and i see that red light, game over 19K of people just totally stunned and not moving they just cant believe they lost, i turn around get my towel i was sitting on and throw it in that kids chest and say and i quote "heres your towel go home now and cry in it bitch" and then i left to a non responsive asshole.. Everyone else was lots of fun but it only takes 1 person to ruin it. As for sports events ive been to in person this ranks up there with manny's walk off in game 2 vs the angels in the ALCS in 2007, just great.

Off to the car, lots of high fives including a few in the bathroom while pissing it was quite strange but yet oddly fun, its 95 degrees im in the car i listen to the sox win, woohoo i get the bruins score woohoo, im in the parking lot were blocked in cant get out, i flash my jersey to fellow boston fans and get the hand gesture to go, i automatically think of the brotherhood of being a boston sports fan, just about all my family is up north but boston sports fans are everywhere, and you can always feel at home going to any Boston sporting event no matter where you are on gods green earth, what a great mothers day one i soon wont forget The end!

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